Complete Study Modules

CH Reading Club presents a superior four-modules pedagogy to maximize student's
learning outcome: Reading Comprehnding Listening Discussing

Reading Plan

CH Reading Club has selected 12 required-
reading books for each grade. We will be
posting monthly reading plans in advance to
help students finish reading a book.


There will be two types of homework each week to help students enhance their reading: a quiz
handout with 10-15 questions, and a reflective
questions list for next week's class discussion.

Professional Lectures

Our literacy instructor, Ms. Fiona Smith, is going
to guide students throughout the reading
journey. She will introduce characters and
related social-cultural backgrounds of the book, explain literary devices, and include ESL
education pedagogy in classes.

Group Discussion

Each attended student in a class can have an
opportunity to make a five-minute presentation
based on the assigned topic.
Discussion is an effective way to broaden a
student's horizon and improve one's speaking

Exceptional Teacher

Ms.Fiona Smith has a Master degree in Education.She is an experienced educator who has extended knowledge, skills, and practice in multiple fields, including reading techniques, literacy evaluation, critical thinking and writing, as well as curricula planning.

We Are Unique

Permanent Free

Sign up today have
permanent free access to non-profit CH Reading Club.

Daily Classes

Classes open Monday to
Friday to suit your schedule.

All-grades Friendly

Sessions are designed to be beneficals to all readers from
kindergarten to K12.

Complete System

Both parent and student
users have their exclusive
platform .

Class Recording

Miss a class? Don't worry. You can either switch to another
class or play the class
recording video to catch up.

Monthly Incentive

Students earn points for
doing homework, and will be awarded if win top places in
points ranking list.


Engaging Homework

Play games to finish homework! Efficient and engaging!

  • Attend class 1omin early to do the homework quiz.
  • Download handout before class to facilitate reading.
  • Submit homework to earn system points.
  • Offer awards to tops students on the ranking list。

Incentives are provided to motivate students and engage them with
completing homework. Parents are welcome to sponsor with awards or
Open-ended question: This homework is to have students prepare a
five-minute mini presentation.

View Homework

Effective and Pedagogical Classroom

Join the classroom after finishing pre-class homework quiz. This is a student-centered
class that highlights each individual’s opinions and voice.
So follow Ms. Fiona Smith’s guidance and participate in discussions and presentations!

Teacher’s Lecture


  • Overall Interpretion
  • Key Analysis
  • Characters Analysis
  • Social-cultural Background
  • Allegory Interpretation

Group Discussion


  • 4 members in a group, each person can
    speak for 5 minutes
  • Group leader will lead the discussion
  • Solo presentation
  • Quiz games with other group members
  • Read preferred chapters

Summary Q&A


  • Summarize group discussion outcome
  • Answer students' questions
  • Assign new topic for homework

Schedule Setting For All Grades

In order to allow more students to access the Reading Club, we offer live classes from
Monday to Friday with a fixed schedule.



Schedule:Mon. - Fri.

5:10-6:00pm (PST)

Current Reading:The
Lion, the Witch, and the

next Reading:The One and Only Ivan

Parents Zone
of Group A


Schedule:Mon. - Fri.


Current Reading:Posted by John David Anderson

next Reading:From Ant to Eagle

Parents Zone
of Group B


Schedule:Mon. - Fri.


Current Reading:Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

next Reading:The
Alchemist Paulo Coelho

Parents Zone
of Group C


Schedule:Mon. - Fri.


Current Reading:TBA

next Reading:TBA. Open to register

Parents Zone
of Group D

Customer Feedback

We have received many positive feedback from parents during the first month, and a
number of of have scheduled Reading Club classes into their children's weekly schedule. This is the greatest success we can expect.



CH Reading Club provides a great platform for children, parents, and
teachers to collaborate. Reading classes and the pedagogy that the
teacher conducted is working towards fostering good reading habits for
young reader. We would like to keep attending and see progress.



I came across CH Reading Club randomly,and now it is the only after-
school class I have my kids enrolled in since we came to Vancouver.
I wish the Reading Club best of luck and look forward to seeing my two
children growing with it.
Thanks to Mark, the founder, for giving us such a great opportunity!

Dongqi(Grade7)'s mom Sunny


CH Reading Club is a high-quality education platform that allows
children to engage with reading and sharing opinions. It also has
exceptional customer services. My questions always get answered
promptly with patience and further information.
I appreciate CHPARENTS Team and their great hard work.

Alfred's mom


This resource is a great fit for all Chinese children who need to read more and express more. Reading with peers is way different from reading solo
in many ways because communications with others can maximize the
learning outcome and create more fun for the reading process. I believe
my children can make some solid progress a year after, and I look
forward to seeing that. Thank you CH Reading Club. Your kind initiative
and efforts greatly appreciated.


Users Worldwide

Although we have only started a month ago, we have recruited students from more than 10 cities including Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and



Outstanding Students






Positive Feedback



Parents Users


Please review the FAQ list below before you request further
customer service. We are currently not able to offer thorough
customer service, but we hope this can help address most of
your questions.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

About Registration

1. Know about us: Take a few minutes to read all FAQ.

2. Watch class playback:
Click here to check out our YouTube channel.

3. Fill in the registration form: To sign up, please
click on WeChat Solitaire
to register for class (Recommended)
Notes: A personal zoom account is requested to sign up.
Please check out FAQ to read details.

If you are NOT a WeChat user, please click on THIS LINK to sign up.
This may take longer to process.

You will receive an email within 48 hours of submitting the
registration form. The email will notify the student ID and the
password that are assigned to the student.
If you do not receive an email, you may not be registered
successfully in our system. Please contact our customer service
to request assistance.

After registered successfully, the class will be available the
following week at the time you choose.
For example, if you sign up for Tuesday's class on Wednesday
this week, the student can start reading the assigned pages
right away and attend class the following Tuesday.

One student is only allowed to sign up for one phase of classes. Our system will generate a unique student ID to each individual,
corresponding to their pre-registered class. The student can only
participate in other classes as an auditor If wants to attend several

We do not recommended students to sign up for above-grade’s
reading classes since we are using a book list that is associated
with grades and student’s reading competency closely.
If insist, please ensure that students are able to present a level-
matching performance, including participating in group discussions actively and finishing homework properly.

One of the most important sections of our Reading Club is the
group discussion. Each group (breakout rooms in Zoom) will be
having four students. We arrange members of a group based on
students’ attendance and schedules, and divide them into ‘regular
group’ and ‘ad hoc group’ accordingly.

Reasons: Parents have various schedules for their children's extra-
curriculum activities. Therefore, students might have to shift class
from one day to another or miss their pre-scheduled class. This can affect group discussion activities negatively due to a lack of
group members.

Regular Group: Group members are required to have consistent
attendance and are from same grade/level. This group is suitable
for those who have scheduled CH Reading Club sessions into their prioritized study plan, and can ensure that there will not be more
than 3 class transfers or absences throughout the year (class
transfers due to holidays are excluded).

Ad hoc Groups: Group members are not fixed and may from various grades. This group is suitable for those who have multiple pre-
scheduled plans and are not able to guarantee attendance. If you
believe there are a number of potential class transfers, please
select this group.

Classes open Monday to Friday at fixed time slots. We believe there will always be a time slot that suits your schedule.


Class Preparation

In order to be effective and fast when sending students to pre-
allocated breakout rooms, the system requests attendees' Zoom
account (email address) to be loaded in the meeting in advance.
Therefore, we kindly request you sign up or provide your Zoom
account email when register for reading classes.

Video Instruction:Click to play

Go to,you will need to provide your birthday
date and email address. Once the information is submitted, you will receive an email asking you to activate the account. Please note
that you will only be eligible to sign up Zoom when you are at least 18 years old. If a younger age is provided, Zoom will not approve
your registration.

Video Instruction:Click to play

Please be sure to click 'Sign in' on Zoom before joining the meeting (entering the class link). Otherwise, user will not be able to attend
class successfully.

CH Reading Club provides a full list of books with complete reading plans for each month’s reading. However, the order of reading will
not be announced all in once; we will notify both parents and
students what book to read for next month, as well as the
elaborated reading plan at least one week in advance.
Please check out CHPARENTS WeChat mini program to view

Reading Plan for Parents to View: Click to Open

Students can log into 'Student Zone' to view the Reading Plan.

Parents are welcome to prepare books in advance.
Please check out or to order online.
For Kindle users, feel free to purchase corresponding E-book in site as well.

1. Students need to follow the reading plan and finish reading
assigned pages/chpaters before class.

2. Log into CHPARENTS system with your Student ID and password to view homework and notifications.

3. Learn how to submit homework and switch classes in the Student Zone of CHPARENTS.

In addition to announcements from the Reading Club, we will also
share various extra-curricular resources on a regular basis.
Please stay tuned and follow us on CHPARENTS APP and WeChat Mini Program.

1. (Required)Join the Reading Club parent WeChat group to
receive notifications and updates. You will be able to see the
barcode of the group when you register via WeChat Solitaire.
If have trouble accessing, please add markliu1818 on WeChat to get assistance.

2. (Required) Sign up for CHPARENTS: Click Here to Sign Up

3. (Optional)Download and install CHPARENTS IOS APP
Click Here
to Download

4. (Optional)Download and install CHPARENTS Android APP
Click Here
to Download

In order to avoid potential issues, part of notifications and resources will only be posted within site for registered users to view.
Therefore, we recommend users sign up at CHPARENTS to receive and view messages efficiently.

About Class

Classes are available Monday to Friday at fixed time slots.

4:10~5:00 Class D (K-G2);
6:10~7:00 Class A (G3-G5);
7:10~8:00 Class B (G6-G8);
8:10-9:00 Class C (G9-G12);
Zoom classrooms will be opened 10-15 minutes before the
scheduled class time.
Students are requested to enter the Student Zone at least 10 minutes before class to complete the homework quiz.
Log into Zoom to attend class after finishing the homework.

Students need to enter the Student Zone at least 10 minutes before class begins

1. Complete the homework quiz.
2. Log into Zoom with your account ID and password. The class's
Zoom link will be included in the pinned-top post of Student Zone.
3. Zoom Classroom:Teacher will be presenting a lecture for the
first 20 minutes of the class. It is followed by a 20 minutes group
discussion activity. The final 10 minutes will be a Q&A session for all students to participate.
4. View next week's reading plan in corresponding section of
Student Zone.

Note1: Please be sure to log into Zoom before entering the class.

Note2: Please set your displayed name as follows:
First name + Last Name + Grade
E.g.: John Liu G5

1. Students can see the 'Homework' button once they log into
Student Zone. Click the button to see the homework for the most
recent week.

2. Click on the 'Start' button of Wordwall' to do homework online.

3. After finish, screenshot or take a picture of your score page. Enter your score in the box and upload the picture/screenshot you saved.

See sample screenshot below:

1. There are 4 studens in each discussion group (breakout room).
Technically, group members are fixed for each term of class.

2. Each group has a group leader who will lead the presentation.

3. Each person can speak about the assigned topic for 5 minutes
during group discussion, or initiate a quiz game with other
group members to test each other’s knowledge on vocabulary
or characters of the book. Students can also read the book by
themselves during this section if they are not ready to speak.

4. This section focuses on improving student's communicating and public-speaking skills.

5. Team Leader: Students can find the group leader announcement in the pinned-top post by logging into the CHPARENTS Student

The group leader is responsible for leading group members to
speak during the group discussion session.
The leader is also in charge of designating the order of member’s
speech and ensure that the discussion is organized.

Users need to log into Student Zone to switch classes. Parents of
young users who might have difficulties handling independently
can log into the system with their Student ID and password to
switch classes for them.

After logging into the Student Zone, you will see the 'Switch a Class' button at the top of your user center. Click the button and fill in your class switch plan.

There are two types of class switching plans: ‘Permanent’ and
‘Temporary’. If you no longer want to follow your initial class
schedule which you registered for, please select ‘permanent’; if you need a temporary adjustment and will return to your original
schedule, please select ‘Temporary’.

We require all users to request class switching four hours before
the class starts that day whichever types of switching you select to apply.

Sumbit Homework

1. How do I submit my homework?

Every week we will arrange at least one quiz under the "task" column, you need to complete and submit the results to our system before 11:59 pm every Friday to get points.

2. How do I submit my quiz scores to your system?

Step 1: When you are done quiz, take a screenshot of the interface showing your score.

Step 2: Click the "Submit Score" button, enter your score and upload the screenshot you did in the previous step. As shown below:

When is the best time to complete this assignment?

In order not to interfere with your other subjects, we recommend that you complete this assignment 10-20 minutes before the online class or 10-20 minutes after the class.

How to take a screenshot?


Press Cmd+Shift+3 at the same time: Take a full-screen screenshot and save the screenshot to the desktop folder.


iPad models without Home button:

Press the [lock screen key + volume up key] at the same time to easily take a screenshot. Pictures are saved in the Photos folder.

For iPad models with Home button:

Press and hold the [Lock screen key + Home key] at the same time to easily take a screenshot. Pictures are saved in the Photos folder.


Press and hold WIN+Shift+S at the same time, select the interface and save it in the picture folder.

Online class time adjustment

I want to adjust the time of taking online courses, what should I do?

You can see an "adjust" button in the upper right corner of the "User Center", click it to enter the interface and choose the new day you want to adjust to, and choose whether you want to adjust temporarily or long-term?

Reading plan:

1. I just joined this book club, where do I start?

You can check the weekly reading plan in the reading plan. We recommend that you read the chapters of the next week and participate in the next week's online courses.

2. I don't have a book yet, what should I do?

You can open our reading plan, and at the bottom of the page we have a link to buy the book and a website where you can download the e-book for free. Sometimes it takes a while to buy a book, during which time, as a temporary solution, you can download the book to read first.

Disclaimer: We firmly support genuine books, please buy genuine books first.


1. What is this leaderboard for?

This is one of the programs we encourage our students to keep reading. After students submit their homework scores to our system, we will add the same points to the points system for the students. Our leaderboard is generated based on this score. At the end of each month, we will reward students based on their points.

2. I am not taking an online course, can I still earn points for participating in the ranking by submitting assignments?

Yes. Even if you don't have time to take an online course for various reasons, you can still earn points and participate in rankings by submitting assignments. However, we encourage you to actively participate in online courses.

Online class link

1. Where can I see the latest Zoom link?

In ”Notice“ or "TOP" posts, the login link is different every day, please select the Zoom link with the date of the title standard and the date of the course you are taking. If you reschedule your class to another time, please be careful to re-select the Zoom link.

2. When I join in a Zoom meeting , it reminds me that I am not authorized.

That's because you're not signed in Zoom. Please use your email and password to log in to your Zoom account and then click "Join a Meeting". If you have not registered for a Zoom account before, you will also need to register for an account first.

Sign Up link:

Sign In link:

How to log in to Zoom to join the meeting video instructions:

Group discussion

1. Are group members fixed?

The group members is generally fixed, but we will make some temporary adjustments according to the situation, so please open the Online class information before class to confirm the group members on the day.

2. What are fixed and temporary groups?

If you have our courses on your schedule and keep attending our online courses regularly (with only occasional absences), then you can choose fixed groups. If you can't get our courses on your schedule and often need to give the way to other actions, then you can choose temporary groups.

3. I see that I am the "group leader", what do I need to do?

Like other students, the group leader first maintains his/her attendance, and then arranges the order of speeches in the group discussion session and organizes the other three students to discuss together. If others don't speak, you should take the initiative to speak up to encourage other students to speak.

4. What is the group discussion about?

Before entering the discussion, the teacher will give you a topic for discussion. Usually, the teacher told you this topic as homework in the last week. If you are ready, you can directly give a speech or guide everyone to discuss together. If you are not ready, you can also read a text you like.

5. I feel that my ability is not up to the group leader, or I want to be the group leader, what should I do?

We encourage capable students to become group leaders, encouraging students and exercising themselves at the same time. If you no longer want to be a group leader or you were not but want to be a group leader now, please email us:

6. What are the principles for the assignment of groups and group leaders?

First: Students of the same grade will be assigned to a group. However, in some cases temporary groups are mixed grades.

Second: the group leaders are arranged in turn according to their own students' own applications.

Group number and student number

Example: Group number A1E03 Student number: A10E00088

Team number: A1E03

The first digit: replaced by four letters "A B C D", corresponding to different age groups A: G3-G5; B: G6-G8; C: G9-G12; D: K-G2

Second place: Consists of "1, 2, 3, 4, 5", representing "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday" respectively

The third digit: consists of letters A-M. represents the grade. (A=Grade1, B=Grade2, C=Grade3...L=Grade12, M=Kindergarten)

The last two digits: represent the group serial number.

For example, the above group number A1E03 means that this is the 5th grade group in the Monday course of the G3-G5 group.

Student number: A1E03

The first digit: replaced by four letters "A B C D", corresponding to different age groups A: G3-G5; B: G6-G8; C: G9-G12; D: K-G2

Second place: Consists of "1, 2, 3, 4, 5", representing "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday" respectively

The third place: composed of 0 and 1, 0 means unwilling to be the group leader, 1 means willing to be the group leader.

Fourth digit: composed of letters A-M. represents the grade. (A=Grade1, B=Grade2, C=Grade3...L=Grade12, M=Kindergarten)

Last 5 digits: student serial number.

The group number of each student may be changed frequently, but the student number will never change, even if the student changes classes later, it will not change.



John David Anderson
Visits Our Class

  • Date : 24.09.2022
  • at : Talk with the author

Students in GROUP B(G6-G8) will be
having a great opportunity to meet the
author of Posted, John David Anderson.
He is the author of several critically-
acclaimed novels for young people,
including Ms. Bixby's Last Day, Stowaway, One Last Shot, Riley's Ghost.

When: 2022/9/29 7-8pm(PST)

Where: Via Zoom; The link will be posted and notified within group in advance. Stay tuned.


October Reading List

  • Date : 20.09.2022
  • By : CH Reading Club

GROUP A(G3-G5): The One and Only
Ivan by Katherine Applegate

GROUP B(G6-G8): From Ant to Eagle by Alex Lyttle

GROUP C(G9-G12): The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Elaborated reading plan will be posted in Student Zone of CHPARENTS。


Student Zone is live now!

  • Date : 25.09.2021
  • By : CH Reading Club

We are excited to announce that the
Student Zone in CHPARENTS is now
ready to meet you all!
Students will be able to submit
homework, view reading lists and reading plans, check system messages, see
group discussion information, and request to switch classes here.

We will be working on bringing more and better functions to all users.
Please stay tuned!

Contact Us

WeChat: (Recommended)
Please scan the barcode below (on the left) to join the parent WeChat group. Group 3 is now open.
All users are welcome to add Customer Service (barcode on the right) which can help answer questions and provide
assistance if FAQ doesn't address your problems.

Parent WeChat Group

WeChat Customer